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The type of jobs we specialise in

The range of work already undertaken by the practice is diverse.

  • Extensions and re-modelling of existing homes: Current experience £20,000 to £90,000, now a preferred minimum cost would be £35,000 (all given prices do not include VAT). 
  • New build private homes. Current experience: work to £265,000. 
  • New build social housing. Current experience: work to £1.85 million. 
  • Work in the education sector. Current experience: extension and refurbishment to £170,000. 
  • Work in the provision of Sporting facilities. Current experience: new build work to £300,000. 
  • Work in the leisure industry. Current experience: new build work to £3.9 million. 


Though the majority of work is residential; we have also completed an extension for a Primary School for the London Borough of Hackney. Here, in this inner city project, we were team leaders in a multi-disciplinary design team with other consultants from Hackney Technical Consultancy.

Our experience in low-energy, high quality contemporary design has resulted in our appointment to design a spa resort in the Algarve, Portugal. Here the requirement for various forms of water treatments has led to a highly serviced building.

This ecological development is also part of the 'Cool House' project which aims to provide natural cooling systems (rather than artificial air conditioning units) to maintain high standards of comfort at all times of year. As a result of this we also have experience of working with a multi disciplinary team at the cutting edge of environmental design. 


In 1997, Jones Wood Architects designed 40 flats that formed part of the regeneration of Stonebridge by Stonebridge Housing Action Trust. The tenants had been allocated to 28 of the 40 flats at the beginning of the design process. While the planning permission drawings were being developed, fortnightly meetings were held in a community hall in Stonebridge to keep the tenants up to date with the process of the design, layouts and materials chosen. A system of individual consultations was also developed, in which each tenant felt that they had a stake in the design of their new home.

Prior to setting up the practice, Juliet Wood also had extensive experience with in tenant consultation in the regeneration of Hulme in Manchester. Many former tenants wished to return to the area when the new homes were complete, and so individual interviews were held with each tenant to establish their priorities. One of their main concerns was the cost of heating their old homes, and so the scheme was designed with a high standard of energy efficiency. Juliet Wood was also the consultation architect for ECD's Learning Resource Centre at Nottingham Trent University.

At the outset of the project, intensive design workshops were held with both the design team and representatives from each department that was to use the building. Weekly meetings were held with the client's project committee to refine the sometimes conflicting requirements for this intensively used space. At the end of the design process the Head Librarian wrote to the practice specifically to thank Juliet Wood for the successful integration of the users requirements into the final design.