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Private Houses

Nevill Road

This three-storey Victorian Terraced house in Stoke Newington in East London had been adapted over time for use by a single person with mobility issues. The former owner lived on the upper and lower ground floors only, with the living room and kitchen on the upper ground floor and a bedroom and a shower room on the lower ground floor. The garden was hardly used neither was the upper floor. We remodelled the house it to allow it to become suitable for family use again. We extended the lower ground floor with a single storey infill and relocated the kitchen there with double doors leading into the garden. The garden was cleared of undergrowth and a new lawn and stone paving were laid. The bathroom was moved to the middle floor of the back addition. The rooms on the top floor were returned to being bedrooms. The front steps to the lower ground floor were remodelled, as they had originally been dangerously steep. The original three-bedroom house has been transformed into a four bedroom family house with ample living space.