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Bromley to Burdett Sure Start

The location of the building in the centre of the community it served was good. It was designed to be flexible and welcoming and fully accessible as a platform lift to the first floor offices was also provided. Primarily its function was to provide facilities for training courses for local families. Two consultation rooms could become a crèche space when acoustic sliding doors were folded away. There is also an outdoor play space, shielded from the road by colourful panels and shielded from the sun by a timber pergola. Its new white rendered external finish covers a layer of thermal insulation, to ensure that the building looks fresh and new, as well as being cheaper to heat. This new look, accompanied by a dramatic lit canopy, ensures that the new facility acts as a strong positive presence within the local community. We also made a new crèche space with a large external playground for the Linc Centre underneath an adjacent tower block and new crèche space within the Sure Start Burdett Centre as well as two separate external play areas within the local community.